Steam Update

Bei Valve scheinen im Moment die Tastaturen der Entwickler heißzulaufen, denn schon wieder hat er uns mit einem Update beglückt. Dieses mal hat es die Source-Engine, DoD:S und den Source Dedicated Server erwischt.

Lange Rede kurzer Sinn, hier das komplette ChangeLog zum selberlesen:

Source Engine

  • – Fixed some video cards being incorrectly set to DX9 when they should have been DX8. This would cause a significant performance problem for affected hardware
  • – Changed refresh behavior of server browser. Old behavior was generating too much traffic when list was not open
  • – Fixed bug where VAC would sometimes hold onto .dlls after a game had been shut down completely
  • – Fixed a crash which could sometimes occur immediately after launching a game

Day of Defeat: Source

  • – Added the default mapcycle.txt to servers running Day of Defeat: Source
  • – Fixed crash bug when using %s in your player name

Source Dedicated Server

  • – Fixed bug in dedicated server engine that incorrectly displayed their anti-cheat status (servers were showing as insecure, but were running in secure mode)