Steam Update

Heute Nacht hat uns Valve mal wieder mit einem Update beglückt. Neben einigen Bugsfixes, Änderungen an der Botsteuerung sowie neuen Serverkommandos wurden zwei neue Player-Models veröffentlicht.

Der Spieler hat nun die Möglichkeit, neben den bekannten Models, auch wahlweise einen GIGN (CT) oder Guerilla (T) zu wählen.

Anbei das komplette ChangeLog:

  • – Added G.I.G.N and Guerilla player models
  • – Sniper rifles that are in the process of zooming in don’t get
      the zoomed-in accuracy bonus
  • – Fixed crosshairs when running in a widescreen aspect ratio
  • – Added a ’nextlevel‘ server side command to force intermission and a switch
      to the specified map after the current round
  • – Fixed bug where players were able to throw grenades through thin walls
  • – Added a server message for teammate attacks
  • – Fixed buy menu not having mouse focus
  • – Fixed buy menu re-opening when you try to close it.
  • – Fixed centerprint panel and frames per second panel not resizing correctly
      after a resolution change.
  • – ‚&‘ chars in player names show in the scoreboard and spectator UI
  • – In-eye spectators see punch angles
  • – Fixed bots thinking they are still on a higher nav area when they fall off
  • – Added nav area ID to the bot debug prints
  • – Extended the bot_add*, bot_kick, and bot_kill commands to accept skill
      (easy, normal, hard, expert) and/or weapon preference (sniper, shotgun, etc)
      arguments. For example, typing ‘bot_add_ct expert” will add a random bot
      of ‘expert’ difficulty to the CT team.
  • – Added difficulty, weaponclass, and skill modifiers to the bot_prefix string
  • – Navigation mesh editing – raising/lowering corners correctly snaps adjacent
      corners to the same height